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the cinema

In the last few years Turin has steadily acquired an increasingly important role in the national panorama of cinema. More and more TV and cinema production companies come to film in Turin and the surrounding area thanks to the Film Commission, the expertise of the local workforce, the beauty and variety of our landscapes.
As you wander round the city it is common to come across film sets, to see famous actors at work or bump into extras in costume.

The wonderful cinematic atmosphere that you feel in the city has only helped to increase my great love for the cinema and the scenic arts. As a result in the last few years I have dedicated myself to creating a small, personal and for me, very precious, collection of books dedicated to the cinema and theatre.

It is indeed a pleasure for me to share this passion with the guests who come to stay in the Pane e Le Rose. The volumes await you in a beautiful white bookcase in the breakfast room.

Biblioteca di cinema